What Is An Open-Air Photo Booth Design?

JJ Pixx Photo Booth Company is a modern NYC open-air photo booth service. Unlike old-fashioned boxy booths with curtains you take passport pictures in, an “open-air concept” allows your guests to see all the laughter and be enticed to join in. An open style also keeps your options open to everything from beautifully posed group photos to unpredictable photo bombs. Witnessing the fun going on before your eyes is contagious! 

In a time where technology has annihilated interpersonal interaction and made ‘breaking the ice’ an extremely difficult task; renting a NYC Photo Booth for your event is a clever way of breaking through the timidness and bringing total strangers together at your party.

You no longer have to manually introduce people to each other. Point them to the nearest photo booth station with the cool backdrop and let them chuckle and smile their way into a conversation and a new friendship while taking goofy pics.


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On Site Quality Printing

Remember the days when you had visit your local photo lab to get your photos printed? Days, and maybe weeks will pass by until you had a physical copy. Our commercial dye-sublimation printer will give your guests something to take with them INSTANTLY! Giving them a personalized custom print to leave which makes a world of difference in making an event standout! Choose any one of our photo booth packages, and your guests will be leaving with as many prints as they want as though you have your own personal film developing lab for your event!

Live Viewing Touch Screen

If your preference is a black/white or color photo filter, we give you full control of your photos. At the end, is your event. Our Live Photo Viewing Monitor is an easy-to-use Touch Screen Interphase that will give your guests the option to go vintage (black & white) or vibrant (in color) with their photos. The screen will also prompt your guests between photos with a 1,2,3 countdown so they can get ready to smile and pose. The bottom line is this, they'll be able to take pictures when they want and how they want without the awkwardness of a stranger staring at them.

Social Media Sharing

Let's face it. Social media is slowly becoming part of most of our lives. And your party is not a real party if its not talked about, and shared on your favorite media platform. So let's get social. Our open-air photo booth has the ability to upload your photos directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Email and via SMS- text message ( as long as there is wifi access of course) Let your party to be the the talk of your social media universe.

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Social events open air photo booth in Brooklyn NYC- JJ Pixx Photo Booth
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