Nancy’s Bridal shower

The day of Nancy’s bridal shower was this past Saturday, January 19th, and the amount of love she received from her friends and family members was a joy for me to witness. The planning and coordination was all created by Nancy’s sister, Vanessa, and the celebration was held at the iL Forrento restaurant in Brooklyn.

Days before the event date, the weather forecast was high chances of snow, which caused much stress for Nancy and Vanessa. Even though many RSVP to attend months prior, the fear of Mother Nature being the reason many would not show up to the event was a possibility. Thankfully the forecast snow storm deviated to the northern part of the east coast, allowing NYC to enjoy a cloudy day and Nancy’s bridal shower to be a successful event.

The event design was inspired by Chanel No 5 logo, color palettes rose gold, white and black, along with the Paris Eiffel Tower. Months prior, Vanessa and I were bouncing ideas for the design of the print-out template until we agreed to incorporate the Eiffel Tower to the design and black and white photos.

There is something about black and white photos that makes everyone so elegant and timeless. This is why I personally love that we can add this feature to our photo booth, and best of all, offering this feature complimentary to our clients. Nancy’s friends and family loved their photos. Believe me, it never gets old for me to watch the happy expression in people’s faces when we hand them their photos instantly.

After months of planning, communicating with Vanessa via email, it was a true pleasure meeting her in person. She is a true gem and a very talented event planner.

bridal-shower-table decoration-chanel-theme.jpeg
Luis Solano