The Top 5 Most Creative Wedding Favors – With Photos!

Your wedding date is quickly approaching, and you’ve finally booked that exciting New York City wedding photo booth to serve as your fun and exciting reception activity. Now that you’ve got that covered, you’ll need to think about the smaller details like the centerpieces, the seating charts, and of course, the wedding favors. The guests have been invited, and the lively wedding entertainment activity is booked. So what will you offer your special guests when the fun is over? How do you pass on mementos from the night to remember? And more importantly, how do you offer wedding favors they’ll actually want to keep?

In our time, we’ve done a lot of NYC photo booth rentals for weddings, and the black and white photo booth has become especially popular. We’ve used our extensive experience to come up with five creative favor ideas to celebrate the people you love the most. Feel free to use any of these ideas to get the most creative uses out of your booth rental for your big, special day.

1. Personalized Shot Glasses

Let’s be honest – second to the fact it’s the day you married your very best friend, the two biggest topics of conversation about your wedding will be the food that you served and the alcohol that came with it. Nothing says “trendy new married couple” like personalized shot glasses that your guests can actually use while they’re at the wedding. For you and your new spouse, that means bonus points in the practicality category. Wedding shot glasses typically have the names of the bride and groom inscribed on them right along with the wedding date. You can have dozens of these made and shared with the people you care about the most to create fun, lasting tokens of your new union.

2. Wedding Photo Booth Print Outs

One of the best wedding favors you can provide your guests are the personal photo printouts they make while they’re there. When you book with JJ Pixx Photo Booth, the booth acts as an entertainment center, doubles as a memory creator, and even triples as a party favor generator. Guests will spend their time making funny faces, taking group or partner photos, and making lifelong memories at your wedding—which is, of course, the goal.

Some of the best stories of your big day will happen in that very booth. And if you’re in the New York City area, we at JJ Pixx Photo Booth can provide your rental along with a professional photo booth manager at super competitive rates. Different packages are available, and the wedding photo booth themselves give rise to some of the other ultra-creative ideas below. If you’re interested in renting for the NYC area, you can check out our packages here.

3. Candles

Offering candles as wedding favors is yet another fun, creative, and practical idea. After all, who doesn’t love sweet, warming fragrances?

Candles are often affordable when purchased in bulk, and more importantly, your guests will find them desirable. Hand them out at the end of the ceremony as a thoughtful sign of appreciation for their support. You can take them a step further and have your wedding date stamped or engraved into the candles. Alternatively, you can label them with your name, wedding date, and a thank you note as a quick and cost-friendly way to show your gratitude. Either way, the candles are a sure hit and a way to share a little piece of your union with someone special.

4. Vases with Photo Tags

Much like the black and white photo booth, this awesome favor idea is a great way to get multiple uses out of your wedding purchases. Photo tag vases are particularly cool because they are affordable and allow your guests the opportunity to keep a special wedding day keepsake.

You can either leave them blank or have special messages inscribed on each one. For a more personal touch, set up a table next to your wedding photo booth rental with a couple of hole punchers and string. Guests can visit the table after they’ve finished taking their photos, punch a hole near the top of their printouts, and loop string through the printout and attach them to their vase. Finish the look by reusing your centerpiece flowers at the end of the night and using them to fill the vases. This way, you get yet another use of out of your black and white photo booth rental and your gorgeous wedding flowers. Two wedding favors in one!

5. Framed Pressed Flowers

Last, but certainly not least, are the frame pressed flowers! At JJ Pixx Photo Booth, we love this idea because it can serve as both a wedding favor and a wedding activity. We found this party favor idea online and thought the idea of framing beautiful pressed flowers with your seating arrangements was pretty cool. What’s more, is that your guests can customize your frames even further by adding their black and white photo booth printouts inside each frame!

Set up a table or station near the photo booth rental and operator and let your guests get creative! With JJ Pixx Photo Booth, your guests can capture amazing moments at your wedding and take them home where they’ll cherish them for a lifetime.

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