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How does taking your party or event from ‘just okay’ to positively viral sound? It’s a simple process really—all you have to do is become an international web sensation overnight. Honestly, there’s nothing to it.

For business owners and event planners, social media platforms have generated questions regarding how they can use these networks to advertise or promote their events. And as it turns out, one of the greatest ways to garner attention on the World Wide Web is through viral images.

If you use social networks at all, you might be familiar with the concept of a “meme.” Memes are the eye-catching funny photos or gifs that are now dominating the internet with their relatable characters, laughable content, and surprisingly insightful messages. You might have already shared a funny meme of your profound love of pizza with your sister who shares your passion for pepperoni. Or maybe you’ve sent a funny animation of some fictional boss overreacting to a simple yet common workplace issue to a co-worker you know will get the reference.

As one of the many exclusive features at JJ Pixx Photo Booth, your booth rental comes with motion animated GIFs that can be used to get the same viral popularity boost some other memes have enjoyed. Take, for instance, the viral and all too relatable Homer Simpson GIF meme:

Or perhaps this viral reaction we all have when an office meeting could have been an e-mail:

The Motion Animated GIF feature comes standard in all packages and can make all the difference in your marketing.

Here’s How it Works

  • You and/or you attendants are photographed in our deluxe NYC photo booth using the latest in premium software
  • The photos are then customized by adding creative artwork, logos, or visual company branding to make them stand out
  • The newly customized images are then strung together to create a Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF, that is motion animated to garner more attention than a single static image
  • The GIFs are then formatted so you can easily share them across the web for great company/event exposure

Here are some real examples from our customers:

These gifs are personalized, warm, and friendly which can all add a personable and approachable feel to your business. If you’re getting the gifs for personal use, they’re excellent memoirs that can hold more memories than any one single image.


But then again, that’s not always the case. Consider the most popular meme of April 2018. This single image meme has been used to describe everything from running after a bus to being asked to do even more chores after a long day of cleaning.

Allegedly, she was posing for a picture on the ground and was bent over because her knees were in pain from coming back up. This case, like many others, shows how a simple photo or GIF can sling someone from regular life to instant internet fame.

Will the world’s next viral internet sensation happen at your party? You can book your next photo booth with JJ Pixx Photo booth here.

Guest Contributor

Jessica Gervais