4 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding.

Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth For Your Event In NYC- JJ Pixx Photo Booth

Imagine this: 45 minutes into your wedding reception, you scan the perimeter of your event space and the music is bumping, but your guests aren’t. What you see instead is the glowing light of cellphones illuminating the faces of your friends and family as they thumb through their Facebook and Instagram news feeds. You also notice a couple of stragglers awkwardly stirring their drinks trying to warm up to the vibe but are intimidated to be the first to do so. The easy solution to bring your event to life? –Photo booths!

1. Bring People Closer Together

Today’s technology has annihilated interpersonal interaction and made ‘breaking the ice’ increasingly difficult. People spend more time today talking to people electronically than they do getting to know each other face to face which can make it hard to get your wedding reception going. Break through the cliché and skip from “timid party mood” straight to a fun event that brings total strangers together. Stop introducing people to each other individually (especially if you have a big wedding) and simply point your guests to the nearest photo booth station. Let them smile and laugh their way right into a natural and engaging conversation in front of cool backdrops to make fun photos. You and your guests get to witness the birth of their new friendships all while taking goofy pictures!

2. Fantastic Wedding Favors

Event favors are a great way of saying “thank you” to your guests for their support and each one should be special for your wedding attendants. You’ll remember the day you exchanged vows for the rest of your life. And now, with a photo booth at your wedding, each one of your guests will take home a personalized photo to remind them of the special day you married your best friend.

3. Password Protected Online Gallery

A photo booth isn’t just a great entertainment option, it’s also a fantastic way to save the precious memories of your wedding all in one place. Most photo booth providers allow you and all of your guests access to a private, downloadable online gallery that stores all the photos from your big day. No more asking your friends and family the day after the event to send you the pictures they took the night before—you’ll already have everything you need in a single, secure gallery.

4. #Hashtag Album

So the wedding was a success, everyone had a great time and absolutely loved the booth! Now what? You can organize those cool, hilarious wedding pictures into a photo album and stream them immediately to Instagram or Facebook. Encourage your guests to use a unique hashtag specific to your wedding to automatically populate all of your fun photos into an everlasting hashtag album. Sweet right?! Check out your photos in year to see that time you got Nana to pose with a Viking helmet Uncle Jim to pose with a hot pink bow for laughs that will last a lifetime on whatever social media platform you choose.

Whether you have a big event or a small soiree, it’s important to keep as many wonderful memories as possible. Your friends and family are a huge part of your ceremony and there’s so much you can miss while you’re trying to greet and/or thank everyone for coming to the wedding. Keep more than just the formal photos your photographer shot with a photo booth rental that’ll capture all of the amazing behind-the-scenes moments that help define your big day!

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