A Personalized Photo Booth Experience. 

Never worry about awkward pictures with our professional and friendly technicians that will keep you and your guests smiling and engaged the entire night. We never treat any two events the same and we promise to deliver an experience every bit as unique as your event.



A beautiful customized template featuring your company’s logo and event information on every photo your guest receives. Choose your own photo layout and template size of either 2x6 or 4x6 high-quality booth print outs that remind your guests of exactly who gave them the time of their lives! With branded photo design, they won’t just remember the time they had—they’ll remember the company, family, or individual who made it possible with sweet nostalgia.


Your guests can view their photos live immediately after taking them! Give your attendants the ability to choose to print the memories they’ve just made at your event or to have another session. With their brand new photos, they can share it with their friends and upload them to all of their social media platforms. This unique feature allows your brand or cause to reach a limitless audience beyond your event for higher social media impressions and viewership. Rent a photo booth and promote hashtags with photo sharing for even more engagement than any old ordinary photo booth can ever provide!

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Personalize your event with backdrops uniquely designed to fit your taste. Whether you’re looking for a classic, clean slate like our solid black and white options or something with a little more flair—we have you covered. Our team of professional designers can design and print the perfect backdrop for your event giving you even more ways to make you stand out! Brand more creatively with an NYC rental from JJ Pixx Photo Booth.


Looking for creative ways to make a statement at your wedding? Rent a black and white filter photo booth for your wedding or other luxurious events and make the day you will always remember, a day others will cherish too. 

Treat your guests to gorgeous 4x6 prints featuring your personalized backdrop and custom event props. Your attendants will love the event gallery that features all your fantastic photos available for download 24 hours after yor event.